Who are we?

We are a group of hackers that like to do what we do best. Hacking the planet. Why? Because we are the free and we can learn from each other. Let's not waste our time.

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Multiple encryption methods

Best Pentesting Tool

Hosted Onion C&C

Long-term development


Open Source client

Open-Source C&C

Add your own ransomware

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Payload generator

Open-Source client

Generate a ransomware payload with the Python client and compile it to EXE, APP, and Linux/Unix executable. No platform to hide on.

Control your victims

Stay in control

See where your victims come from on the map and how many you've got. Hack the planet!

Collect Keys

Central key storage

Store your keys on a central location on a hidden place on the darkweb. No-one can reach them but you. Delete them (irrecoverably) whenever you wish.

Full control

Custom warning

Custom warning message for your victim. Either a normal pop-up windows or a full-screen warning, blocking user input.

Transparency is key

We love to share our achievements

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